12th April, 2007

Just over a year ago I wrote the post entitled Yet Another Programming Language. That particular project hasn't quite been finished yet. However, I have written a very small execution engine in Java named Flores.

Flores has the following features:

  1. One data type - String. Well, two if you count the singleton null.
  2. The while operator, complete with continue and break.
  3. The if operator, complete with else.
  4. The = operator.
  5. All functions are defined externally in Java as static methods. These have to be added to a Flores engine object at Java runtime.
  6. No functions by default. The developer needs to add them.

This may look like an odd features list, but there is method in the madness. I have often needed a small scripting lanaguage with one or more of the following features:

Flores is available here. If you have some of the same criteria that I do, hopefully you'll find it useful.