26th July, 2008

Last year I published a small programming language named Flores. At the time it seamed that no-one could be productive with a language that limited. Well, one can indeed get a long way; Flores existed a good 4 months before the post and makes it 19 months old.

Inevitably one does need new features, a programmer cannot live by Strings alone. So lets create a version 2 of Flores, one with more features. The problem with that is that there will be some inevitable questions:

These are valid questions, but they shouldn't even need to be asked. There's nothing wrong with Flores, it's complete in its own right. That's what fulfilling the requirements means. Really what we mean here is: build a new (and different) language on top of the Flores source code and add fundamentally new features.

So, without further ado, meet Georgia. It has the following features:

  1. Everything Flores had at release 6 (unless otherwise stated)
  2. Natively works with Objects instead of Strings
  3. Allowes integers to be parsed without quotes. Eg 1 instead of "1"
  4. Digits are not allowed as part of function names.

Georgia is available here and as with Flores I hope you find it useful.